Birch Gold Group IRA Review
(Is Birch Gold Worth It?)


Plenty of assets, including stocks and bonds, can collectively underperform when the market takes a downturn. That’s why Birch Gold Group believes in a well-structured portfolio diversification strategy to help overcome such financial adversities.

One way to diversify your portfolio is by investing a portion of other assets, namely physical gold, and retirement assets, such as a self-directed gold IRA.

This review will discuss one such investment alternative: the gold IRA products and services of Birch Gold Group—one of the industry’s prominent and reputable precious metals companies.

The Birch Gold Difference

The Birch Gold Group is a precious metal company that helps its customers make the right savings and retirement decisions. They focus on empowering their investors through education, understanding their best options, and specialized financial services to match their needs.

One such service they take pride in is their help in opening a precious metals IRA without tax penalties or implications. They have an in-house IRA department and dedicated precious metals specialists who will help you through the entire process.

Who Owns the Birch Gold Group?

Laith Alsarraf is the owner and founder of Birch Gold Group. There’s little known information about Laith. Before founding the company in 2003, he launched Cybernet Ventures, Inc., the parent company of Adult Check with Vardan Sarkisov.

Adult Check is a pioneering company in online age verification services. The company implements an access system enabling individuals to access plenty of age-restricted pornographic sites by purchasing a single login credential. Operators of these adult sites receive a commission per referral. According to Forbes, Adult Check has 4 million customers who pay them $20 every three months to access 400,000 adult sites.

Similar to what he does at Cybernet Ventures, Laith keeps a low profile on the day-to-day affairs at Birch Gold Group. You won’t see his profile exhibited on the company’s website. Instead, you’ll notice that most of the engagements present during their partners’ interviews and discussions are handled by the company’s precious metals specialist, Phillip Patrick.

Phillip Patrick on the Ben Shapiro Show.

Is Birch Gold a Reputable Company?

Yes, Birch Gold Group is a reputable company established in 2003 as a precious metals dealer in the United States.

They have many positive customer feedback across different online review channels:

5-star rating on Better Business Bureau and TrustLink.

A customer review from TrustLink showed he was happy about how the Birch Gold Group handled his queries and concerns. He was pleased with how they dealt with the entire transaction.

4.9-star average rating on Trustpilot.

A satisfied customer recently posted a positive review on Trustpilot, stating her intent to pursue a continuous relationship with Birch Gold. She has been overwhelmingly happy with what the business has done for her IRA investment.

Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) Charter Member with AAA rating.

One client posted a review on BCA, mentioning that he was initially skeptical of the business. His views changed when the Birch Group sales team members attended to his concerns and educated him about the company and the industry. Overall, he was satisfied with how the company handled the entire transaction.

Birch Gold Group investigated his complaint and accommodated the customer’s concerns. The persisting issue was thoroughly resolved, with both parties satisfied with the outcome.

They’re also affiliated with the Equity Trust Company, an entity with over 45 years of business experience handling retirement accounts.

Summary of Reviews

In summary of the reviews across different channels, one of Birch Gold Group’s strengths is its willingness to help and educate prospective individuals about their business, the company, and the industry. They strive to listen to your retirement objectives and concerns and professionally recommend solutions that match your investment goals.

Another advantage that Birch Gold has is its seamless business operation and personalized customer service. They’ll assist you in the initial part of the investment process and give customized guidance as you work your way through account setup and completion.

Lastly, they have a long list of endorsers who back the company’s values: Education. Respect. Trust.

Summary of Complaints

On the other hand, chief among their customers’ complaints is a misunderstanding of specific topics like their buyback policy. The customers complain they incur a significant loss in their precious metal IRA portfolio. Birch Gold Group quickly addresses these issues as part of its commitment to constantly delivering excellent customer service.

To avoid similar problems, establish a keen understanding of every aspect of an investment product, like a gold IRA, especially around their buyback policies.

Who Endorses Birch Gold Group?

The Birch Gold Group has been educating and empowering its customers with the help of a carefully selected list of partners. These high-profile individuals share the same values as Birch Gold Group. They are committed to education.

Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro is the author of dozen books, a nationally syndicated columnist, an attorney, the Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Wire, and the host of Ben Shapiro Show. He is a respected personality that believes that no individual should be intimidated by planning for their retirement.

In partnership with Birch Gold since 2016, Ben has helped educate Americans on the value of diversifying their assets and protecting their retirement savings. He also helped shed light on the rollover option from an eligible IRA or 401(k) to a self-directed IRA backed by gold or other precious metals.

A Birch Gold Group precious metals specialist, Phillip Patrick, joins Ben to shed light on inflation, currency devaluation amidst economic instability, and opportunities for precious metals.

Ron Paul

Ron Paul is a medical doctor, retired U.S. Air Force veteran, author, educator, and former congressional representative. He is a long-time believer and promoter of sound money and sensible economic principles.

In partnership with Birch Gold Group, he joins multiple others who believe in education. He also cautions the community about inflation and how investment alternatives such as gold can be a haven for your savings.

“Today, it’s important to know what to do with your savings because it’s harder than ever before! Nobody wants to see their wealth shrink. Simply maintaining what you have is a major challenge today!”

On his program, Ron Paul sat with Birch Gold Group’s precious metals specialist Phillip Patrick. They discuss the Fed’s ‘soft lending’ strategy and how it affects inflation.

Larry Elder

Larry Elder is a contributor to the Sage from South Central, Epoch times, and the respected host of The Larry Elder Show.

He consistently confronts challenging and controversial subjects others might be afraid to tackle. Because of his willingness to speak the truth, the Birch Gold Group proudly partners with Elder to ensure that every citizen hears and understands the message of wealth preservation.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Birch Gold Group?


On the positive side, the Birch Gold Group established itself as a reputable precious metals company that has been in the industry for over a decade. They offer a wide range of investable assets, including gold IRA products and physical gold varieties like gold coins, American bullion, gold bars, and other precious metals.

Similar to competitors like Augusta Precious Metal, Noble Gold, Advantage Gold, and American Hartford Gold, they boast excellent customer service that guarantees customer satisfaction. They have a team of experienced precious metals specialists and account managers who will guide your investment direction.


On the negative aspect, some might consider the low-profile and past work history of the company’s founder, Laith Alsarraf, to be a bit of a red flag. Regardless, there’s no denying that the company has been a reliable entity in the business, with plenty of customers and partners backing up its reputation.

Another complaint commonly repeated among different reviews is the fees charged by the Birch Gold Group. Some investors also complain about incurring paper losses on their investments because of buyback procedures. Nevertheless, the company is quick to address these issues.

What Are the Customer Services Provided by Birch Gold Group?

The Birch Gold Group provides resources such as sound financial advice, asset management, and gold IRA services.

They have a team of well-informed experts with extensive industry experience. They are dedicated to ensuring that all your investment objectives are met.

You’ll be given a free consultation at the beginning of your engagement with Birch Gold Group. In this session, you’ll learn more about the company and its quality services. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions, speak about your concerns, and discuss your investment plans.

A personal account manager will be assigned to you once you decide to move forward and work with Birch Gold Group. This individual will work with you throughout the process, answering all your emerging queries.

The Birch Gold Group heavily emphasizes customer service satisfaction because its varying levels can significantly affect its business operations and reputation. Excellent customer service builds brand loyalty, brings in repeat businesses, and entices new prospecting customers. 

Unlike other companies who slouch on their customer services provisions, the Birch Gold Group directs its resources on its full implementation. The company takes pride in the vast array of services that it extends to its customers.

How Can You Open a Precious Metal IRA at Birch Gold?

You need to select a reputable custodian that specializes in precious metals IRA. The Birch Gold Group recommends custodians, such as STRATA Trust Company and Equity Trust Company. These custodians are held to the highest standards, and only those with a good service track record are selected.

You will also have to partner with an approved depository to keep your gold investments safe. Per the IRS mandate, precious metals bought for IRA investment must be held on eligible depositories and may not be stored at home.

A source of funding is also an essential step in the process of opening a precious metal IRA. You can accomplish this in several ways, including transfers and gold IRA rollover. 

Here are the accounts eligible for a rollover into a precious metals IRA:

  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • Eligible 401(k), 403(b), 457, TSP, and others

Like a traditional IRA, you can transfer your retirement funds to a precious metals IRA without tax penalties.

Your Birch Gold Group precious metals experts will assist you in setting up your gold IRA, including rollover procedures.

What Is the Minimum Investment for Birch Gold Group Gold Precious Metal IRA?

The minimum amount for opening a gold IRA with Birch Gold Group is $10,000. While this figure may be higher compared to other competitors, some experts consider this as an excellent starting point to save for your retirement account.

This amount is primarily intended to purchase precious metals for your IRA.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has established rules for your precious metal IRA. One of them is the allowable precious metals. The only acceptable precious metals allowed in your IRA include the following:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium

Aside from belonging to these four types of metal, they also must meet specific fineness and quality requirements.

Don’t worry if these sets of information become too overwhelming for you. Coordinate with your Birch Gold specialist and discuss your investment plan and objectives. They are equipped to give you detailed information about each precious metal. They can even provide professional recommendations based on your established goal.

What Fees Are Involved in Opening and Maintaining a Gold IRA at Birch Gold?

The Birch Gold Group has this list of fees:

One-time payments:

  • Account setup fee: $50
  • Wire transfer fee: $30

Annual payments:

  • Storage/Insurance fee: $100
  • Management fee: $100

The Birch Gold Group is transparent with its fees, which are listed on its website and reiterated in its customer orientation process.

Why Is Birch Gold Group One of the Best Investment Firms?

These qualities have made the Birch Gold Group one of the best investment firms in the precious metals industry.

  • The Birch Gold Group is one of the best investment firms because of the trust that they’ve built with their clients and business partners. They’re committed to putting their client’s needs first and ensuring they provide the best customer service to every client. 
  • Besides their excellent customer service, they also provide a wide range of competitively priced products to meet the demand and objectives of each investor. They cater to direct physical precious metals purchases and guide self-directed IRAs such as gold IRA setups.
  • They also share the same values and principles as many of their distinguished endorsers and partners. Together, they communicate the message and importance of proper retirement planning and wealth preservation through diversification.
  • The Birch Gold Group also complies with government mandates and regulations. Their legal department monitors laws, regulations, and policies to ensure compliance. One prominent mandate that they strictly adhere to is the USA PATRIOT Act. This law helps prevent money laundering and organized crime. They don’t take shortcuts but give personalized advice based on your goals.
  • The business of Birch Gold Group has existed for over a decade. Since then, they’ve built a solid reputation, reliability, and industry expertise that few others can match. 
  • When you plan for your future, you want to ensure that you talk to specialists with years of industry experience. Besides that, they also possess several qualities to help meet the needs of their clients. A pleasing personality, be dedicated to listening to your concerns, educate you about every concept you need, and recommend solutions to help you succeed.

How Safe Are Your Physical Precious Metals When Stored in an IRA?

Safety and security are one of Birch Gold Group’s utmost priorities. To ensure your investments are in safe hands, they’ve partnered with qualified custodians who participate in your gold IRA setup and tax compliance. The IRS allows these custodians to handle all the paperwork for your precious metals IRA. This way, you won’t have to worry about non-compliance, incorrect filings, or regulatory oversight. A professional will handle everything for you.

Other than partnering with a reputable custodian, Birch Gold Group also partnered with registered depositories that handle the storage of your precious metals backed in your IRA. You have the option to choose your preferred precious metal depository. If you don’t have any, Birch Gold Group can recommend a list based on your preference.

This list may include the Delaware Depository. This institution has a combined experience of 200 years in the precious metals industry, making them seasoned experts who understand their customers’ needs and concerns.

The Delaware Depository stands out from its competition because of its all-inclusive $1 billion insurance coverage for your precious metals deposits. Not only that, but they also offer transit insurance worth $100,000 per package. It means that your precious metals are insured while it’s on the road.

Clients of Delaware Depository can choose between two of their secured facilities. Wilmington, Delaware, and Boulder City, Nevada.

Another depository you may consider is Brink’s Global Service. They are the world’s largest non-government and non-bank holders of precious metals—with over a thousand facilities worldwide. Customers in the U.S. can select one of three offices in Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, and New York.

Like Delaware Depository, Brink’s Global Service also assumes full responsibility for all the assets they transport and store in their facility.

Can You Store Your IRA Precious Metals at Home?

No. Doing otherwise will entitle you to IRS scrutiny and tax penalties.

A storage alternative you might have heard about is a home storage IRA via an IRA LLC. It gained so-much traction for its apparent ease of setup. However, it’s not as easy as the rumor suggests.

IRA involving home storage setups is challenging to set up, has security concerns, and goes against the mandate. The IRS requires that all precious metals intended for your IRA be stored in an IRS-approved depository. Keeping these IRA metals at home will entail hefty tax penalties on their owners.

Is a Precious Metals IRA a Good Idea?

Yes. Investing in a self-directed IRA backed by precious metals like gold and silver is an excellent idea. It allows you to take advantage of these metals’ resiliency and long-term performance. 

During high inflationary seasons and financial instability, assets such as stocks and bonds may yield underwhelming results. But because you’re invested in asset alternatives like gold and silver IRA, your finances may suffer less depending on your exposure.

Ultimately, the reward of investing in a precious metals IRA outweighs its risks. From a long-term perspective, having these investments will help preserve your finances and safeguard them from financial crises and inflation.

Conclusion: Is Birch Gold Worth It?

The Birch Gold Group is a reputable company offering gold IRA products and services at competitive prices. They have been in the industry since 2003. Since then, they’ve built a solid reputation centered on excellent customer service and client education.

Ultimately, Birch Gold Group should be a part of anyone’s consideration looking for a gold IRA company.

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