Who Owns Noble Gold? Know More About the Company’s CEO & Founder


Who owns Noble Gold? The CEO and founder of Noble Gold Investment is Collin Plume, and in this post you will know all about him, how he got into the gold investment business, and his passion for helping people achieve financial stability with a gold IRA, and other precious metal IRA. There will also be a short Noble Gold review within the article, and an in-depth look at Collin Plume's financial advice. Is Noble Gold just a prop to get customers interested in cryptocurrency? Can you trust his recommendations about which precious metals to buy? 

In the article, you will get facts about Collin Plume and his other financial companies to determine whether Noble Gold is worth the risk, or if you are better off with a more established company like Augusta Precious Metals. 

Who is the Founder of Noble Gold Investments?

The founder of the company is Collin Plume. Before starting Noble Gold in 2016, he has created and maintained wealth for various clients for almost 20 years, diversifying their portfolio into commercial real estate and precious metals. He was providing liability coverage and protection for residential and commercial property owners when he realized that having access to assets that are easily liquidated is good for mitigating any potential risks and cut costs in the long run. 

It was then when he shifted into commercial real estate, helping his clients diversify and protect their wealth through the Great Recession by putting their assets in retail shopping centers all over the country. Convinced of the value of having hard assets, he delved into gold investing and became of the top brokers for physical gold, silver, and other precious metals in the United States. 

Is Noble Gold a Legitimate Company?

Noble Gold is a legit company and has stellar reviews on Consumer Affairs, the Better Business Bureau, and Business Consumer Alliance. It is the best gold IRA company for beginner and experienced investors alike. Noble Golds IRA clients talk highly of the company's customer service and appreciate how transparent they are. From the purchase of the precious metals to their transfer to the depository, the clients receive updates and even pictures for better transparency. 

The Noble Gold rating is at the same level of reputability and reliability as older gold IRA companies like Augusta Precious Metal, Birch Gold Group, American Hartford Gold, Advantage Gold, Regal Assets, and Patriot Gold Group. 

The Noble Gold fee matrix is competitive - it's $80 for the annual service fee and $150 for the storage fee. Customers are not charged an account set-up fee. 

What are the Noble Gold Precious Metals Products?

Noble Gold's precious metals products include a wide gold bar and gold coin collection, featuring the American Gold Eagle Coin, Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coin, rare coins from all over the world, and a wide proof coin range.

To diversify your precious metal investment, Noble Gold offers IRA-eligible silver coin collection, palladium coins, and platinum bars, as well. 

How to Get Started with Noble Gold Investments?

You can start your Noble Gold investment like any silver or gold investment, which is with a silver IRA or gold IRA rollover. This is the process that transfers funds from existing retirement accounts to a gold IRA account. 

One of the biggest Noble Gold pro is that they can facilitate the rollover process, making opening a Noble Gold IRA account easier and more convenient for you. You can choose to set up your precious metals investment account as a Roth IRA where you pay tax upfront, or you can set it up as a traditional IRA where the capital and the earnings are tax-deferred. 

A unique Noble Gold offer is the No-Quibble Buy-Back Program, where the gold IRA company will buy your gold at any point you decide to liquidate your account. 

Who is the Man in the Noble Gold Commercial?

The man in the Noble Gold commercial is Roger Lodge. He is an American TV game-show and sports-radio host and actor who was featured on Noble Gold's TV spot "True Global Currency," where he gave a very short Noble Gold Investments review and talked about why people should diversify their portfolio and get into precious metals IRA. He talked about how a gold investment is an effective hedge against inflation and can be used as currency when the in times of global political or economic crisis.  

Is Noble Gold a Good Investment?

Yes, Noble Gold is a good investment. They offer clients an array of services compared to more established gold IRA companies. They even have Noble Express, which a special delivery service that will deliver gold to your house safely and discreetly. 

What is the Best Gold Investment Trust?

The best gold investment trust is a combination of physical gold and gold-related paper assets because they are they do not fluctuate in price as much as other stocks. mutual funds, and equities do. 

If you decide on investing in gold, the most convenient way to do so is to work with a gold IRA company like Noble Gold because they know the market and offer the most value for money assets for your portfolio. 

What is the Best Performing Gold Stock?

Rio Tinto PLC holds the top spot for the best performing gold stock. Below are five of the best gold stocks available in the market:


Market Value

Rio Tinto PLC (RIO)

$92 billion

Southern Copper Corp. (SCCO)

$37 billion

Newmont Corp. (NEM)

$35 billion

Franco-Nevada Corp. (FNV)

$23 billion

Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd. (AEM)

$20 billion

Is it Better to Invest in Silver or Gold?

It is better to invest in gold because increases in value more than silver and is easier to liquidate in times of emergency. 

However, that does not mean that silver IRA has no place in your retirement portfolio. If you can, you should invest in both precious metals because they offer different benefits. For example, silver has more industrial or commercial use than gold, and the price fluctuates much more than gold, making it a good short-term investment that you may even use to short sell. 

Silver is cheaper than gold so it is an excellent starting point for investors who want exposure to the precious metals market but do not want to splurge on gold.

What is the Safest Investment in Gold?

Physical gold is the safest Noble Gold investment because it is highly sought after and easy to liquidate. Gold-related paper assets are riskier because the value of those stocks fluctuate much like the stock market. They reflect real-life values of gold, but they are much less stable and cannot be liquidated easily in times of emergency. 

When you think about it, any form of gold is worth the investment and is a solid choice for any precious metal IRA. What's more important is who you entrust your gold to. Noble Gold, Augusta Precious Metal, Birch Gold Group, American Hartford Gold, Advantage Gold, Regal Assets, and Patriot Gold Group have solid track records and are secure and reliable, so you have peace of mind. 

Does the Government Know If You Own Gold?

No, and there's no requirement for gold coin or gold bar owners to report any precious metal investment.  

The best gold IRA company for you is the one that upholds your right to privacy - Noble Gold, Augusta Precious Metal, Birch Gold Group, American Hartford Gold, Advantage Gold, Regal Assets, and Patriot Gold Group have lasted so long because they provide this very important benefit to their customers. 

How Much Gold Should You Have in Your Portfolio?

No more than 30% even for investors with higher risk appetites. Most gold and precious metals investment products are around the 10% of the investor's overall portfolio, but if you want to take a bit more risk or if you predict soaring inflation rates, buying more gold is a good idea.

Choosing between gold coin or silver coin, gold bullion or gold bar? Proof coin vs rare coins? The gold investing process is simple: start with what you can afford and try to buy as many types of gold products as possible. 

Does Collin Plume Have Crypto?

Collin Plume gives crypto IRA advice, and is safe to assume that he owns crypto, as well. He isn't just the person who owns Noble Gold, he also owns a crypto IRA company called MyDigitalMoney where he talks about crypto and NFTs and how it can be used as a hedge against inflation, just like gold. 

In one of his interviews, Plume discussed what he called the ultimate hedge, which is physical gold. However, he also discussed that at this point in the United States economy, investing in alternatives like cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular because during the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent tension between Russia and Ukraine, Americans have seen how the value of their money can diminish as the dollar also decreases in value globally. 

Collin Plume's businesses might be non-traditional, but his financial principles seem to align with traditional advice: diversify, diversify, diversify.  

What does Collin Plume Say About Gold IRA vs Crypto IRA?

Collin Plume believes that Gold IRA is still the best hedge against inflation, but admits that this option is not available for investors outside of the United States, hence the popularity of crypto investments. 

However, he also said that with the collapse of the dollar and the instability that has been going on in the past few months, he is not surprised by the fact that more people want to do a gold IRA rollover   or open a precious metals investment account and crypto IRA. 

Plume explains crypto is gaining mainstream popularity and is poised to become the go-to financial solution of the future. This option is open to those who have readily available funds only, though, since they cannot rollover a Roth IRA or traditional IRA into crypto without being subject to withdrawal fees.

What does Collin Plume Say About Inflation? 

Collin Plume believes that the Inflation Reduction Act will actually add to inflation and is bad for the economy because it will make companies and large corporations hold back their own growth to avoid bleeding funds during the inflation. This translates to fewer jobs, fewer services, less infrastructure, and overall weakening of the economy. 

He predicts that inflation will slow down in the next few months, as the economy corrects itself and the Federal Reserve decreases interest rates. He recognizes that even with the increased interest rates, unemployment is still very low, so the higher tax rates have not yet affected the ability of companies to keep employees. 

Adding to his prediction, he believes silver IRA accounts will see a lot of improvement in 2023, and precious metals IRA accounts will continue seeing a steady rise in popularity. 

Why is Collin Plume Comparing Gold IRA and Crypto IRA? 

He believes that investors who buy gold have the same needs and goals as investors who buy crypto, and much of the techniques and strategies used for precious metals investment accounts can also be used on crypto, and vice versa.

"The person who buys gold is almost the same person who buys crypto," says Plume. "They are independent thinkers, they want less government control, and they want to acquire assets that are in limited supply. So all gold clients are crypto clients, they just don't know it yet and they don't know how it works," he continues. 

Noble Gold IRA is 100% a gold IRA company, but the reason Plume has started a crypto IRA company is because of the similarity in the profiles of gold investors and crypto investors. 

What is Collin Plume's Opinion on Investing in the Current Financial Climate?

Collin Plume believes now is the best time to open a precious metal IRA and start gold investing. There is a lot of loose money in the market right now, because investors are losing confidence in the traditional banking and retirement system. This is largely because of different government policies and the COVID-19 pandemic. Investors have been pulling out of the typical retirement programs and are looking for ways to stabilize their portfolio, ultimately deciding on a precious metal investment. 

A Noble Gold IRA is the best way to hedge against inflation, get exposure to the precious metals investment climate, and learn more about strengthening your portfolio. The Noble Gold rating for knowledgeability is high, but more than that, they are very generous with their knowledge and will answer any of your questions. 

In the interview, Plume pointed out how gold and silver prices have been spiking, and how investors from even as late as 2019 saw unprecedented price levels for their precious metals IRA. He interprets this as a response to the monetary policies that the government has set recently. In short, Plume believes that more and more people are losing faith in the government and are looking for ways to safeguard their life savings. 

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