Is Augusta Precious Metals Legit? (Are They Trustworthy?)


Is Augusta Precious Metals Legit? Yes, Augusta Precious Metals is a legit company providing products and services for precious metals IRAs. They were chosen as the top gold IRA company in the United States by Money Magazine and Not only are they highly respected but their CEO, Isaac Nuriani, and his management team also have solid experience and no shady backgrounds.

In this article, you’ll learn if Augusta Precious Metals is truly trustworthy - according to what the Better Business Bureau, Business Consumer Alliance, Consumer Affairs, and TrustLink assess.

Augusta Precious Metals’ dedication to excellent customer service and personalized investor education makes it the clear choice to open your precious metal IRA. You will be assured and have peace of mind that the investment retirement account that you open with them will be in safe hands.

Can You Trust Augusta Precious Metals with your gold IRAs?

Yes, you can trust Augusta Precious Metals with your gold IRAs. The company has an excellent reputation in the industry for providing high-quality investor education and world-class customer service to its customers.

And this is not just a promotional claim. There are thousands of Augusta Precious Metals reviews on independent review sites and industry watchdogs that give Augusta Precious Metals the highest ratings.

The BBB rating of Augusta Precious Metals IRA is A+, the highest possible rating from the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau developed this rating system to evaluate if a company is trustworthy and credible. Receiving the highest ratings says a lot about the standing of Augusta Precious Metals in the precious metals industry.

Augusta Precious Metals gets 5 stars out of 283 reviews on TrustLink (different from TrustPilot). Scanning the reviews on TrustLink repeats what many customers have said about the company on other platforms - informative investor education and impressive customer service.

BCA rating is AAA, again the highest on the platform. Augusta Precious Metals did not get a single review below 4 stars. In fact, it has 94 5-star reviews and 2 4-star reviews. Scanning through the reviews you will repeatedly see that customers rave about the world-class customer service and investor education in getting an Augusta Precious Metals IRA. Important to note that Augusta Precious Metals has been a BCA member since 2013 and since then they have had zero complaints

On Consumer Affairs, Augusta Precious Metals again gets 4.9 stars out of 129 consumer ratings. Consumer Affairs is a consumer review and news platform. You can have a good level of trust for these ratings on BBB, BCA, TrustLink, and Consumer Affairs because these platforms verify the reviews from actual customers.

Augusta also got very high ratings on Google My Business, getting 4.9 stars out of 294 reviews. Scanning the reviews echoes what the other customers have said on other review platforms - customers love their 1:1 presentations and customer service.

Last, reviews on social media giant Facebook have an average of 4.8 stars out of 124 reviews. This continues the pattern of delighting the customer with an excellent education. The only drawback with reviews on Google My Business and Facebook is the lack of a vetting process. These platforms can be littered with spam or fake reviews because the platforms don’t have a process to verify if these come from verified customers.

What Sets Augusta Precious Metals Apart From Other Gold IRA Companies?

What really sets Augusta Precious Metals apart from other gold IRA companies and cements them as a legitimate company is they have zero customer complaints and no pending lawsuits! Their extreme dedication to excellent customer service leaves them with no pending complaints on BBB or BCA. No other gold IRA company can make that claim. The customers echo this in the reviews on BBB and other platforms.

Don Z has effusive praise for Augusta with a 5-star rating on BBB. After being turned off by 2 gold IRA companies because of their high-pressure sales tactics, he immediately trusted Augusta starting with the one-on-one video conference with Devlyn Steele. He also mentioned Lauran De Winter’s concierge treatment and Jasmine’s patience in setting up his account.

Paul gave Augusta Precious Metals a 5-star rating on BBB, noting how the company is professional, informative, and personable. They have exceeded his expectations with the ease of doing business. This highlights the excellent customer service Augusta gives its customers.

Paulette gives Augusta Precious Metals 5 stars on BBB. She mentions Augusta Precious Metals is a professional company, that conducts regular webinars, and responds to questions. Getting all her questions answered made her happy with their service.

Murray had an excellent experience with Augusta and he gave them 5 stars. He was kept up-to-date on each step of the process and the representatives helping him were very knowledgeable, available, and helpful. Great customer service pays dividends.

Over at TrustLink, Christian gave Augusta Precious Metals a 5-star rating with a very concise review. He notes how the knowledge of the industry and the market that he got was very helpful. He was also impressed with the flawless transaction.

Aleta also gave Augusta Precious Metals a 5-star review after completing Augusta’s unique Gold & Silver Web Conference and the 1:1 session. She appreciated learning more and being able to ask questions 1:1 because it just showed that she had the complete attention of the presenter. She could ask any question and expect a response from all.

Brian’s review highlights the twin pillars of Augusta Precious Metals’ reputation - excellent investor education and professional customer service. He gave Augusta Precious Metals a 5-star rating because he was very impressed with the one-on-one video conference by Devlyn Steele who answered his many questions on the current economy. In addition, he appreciated Lauran De Winter’s helpfulness in guiding him on how to set the groundwork in setting up a self-directed gold IRA. He doesn’t want to work with any other company!

Eric gives Augusta 5 stars at BCA. He is a first-time buyer of precious metals who bought with confidence because the company is no pressure, highly informative, and patient.

Greg was really impressed and he gave the company 5 stars. He found the experience easy and he got peace of mind because he is able to protect a large portion of his retirement savings from the shrinking value of the dollar.

And you can see more reviews in the BBB, BCA, Consumer Affairs, and other platforms like this. Augusta Precious Metals is consistent in delivering high-quality customer service and investor education. Many blogs also review the company but most of these are affiliate sites so many of them will put a positive spin.

These high ratings and positive feedback on Augusta Precious Metals confirm our assertion that it is one of the most reputable companies to offer gold and silver IRAs. And that is a huge credit to their leadership and management team.

Who Are The Leaders of Augusta Precious Metals

Isaac Nuriani, Augusta Precious Metals CEO

Isaac Nuriani, the owner and CEO, founded Augusta Precious Metals in 2012 with a mission to educate retirement investors on the benefits of owning precious metals for a properly diversified retirement portfolio. It all starts with him.

While he has experience in the insurance and investment industries, it’s his experience during the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis that shaped his mission and inspired him to establish Augusta. He saw how gold rose 167% in value while the market crashed 53%. He saw how individual retirement investors were wiped out but big banks were bailed out. No one was bailing out the small investor. He knew he needed to educate them to build a properly diversified retirement portfolio.

Isaac leads Augusta Precious Metals along with a team of executives and veterans in the investing industry to help him execute the mission and make the company grow. Here are the top executives of Augusta Precious Metals:

Devlyn Steele, Director of Education, leads the professional team that delivers 5-star quality education to 

American retirement investors. Like Isaac, he is passionate about educating investors on diversifying a retirement portfolio with alternative assets such as precious metals. He delivers regular insights on the Augusta Precious Metals YouTube channel about the events that can affect the economy. Devlyn is a member of the prestigious business analytics program at Harvard Business School.

Howard Smith is the CFO of Augusta. Howard certainly has the experience to back up this high role having 

worked extensively in capital markets and banking. He joined Augusta in 2018, attracted by the mission. While he is not involved in the frontline of giving investor education and customer service, he is tasked with guiding the company to achieve its financial goals while managing risks. Banking on his risk management experience with major banks and local/federal governments, his role is to ensure that Augusta maximizes its opportunities and navigates the tough times safely.

Attorney Mary Obidinski is the chief legal counsel at the helm of Augusta Precious Metals’ compliance 

department. The company is governed by rules that come from a variety of federal and state laws. She ensures that they design systems and oversight that direct company and employee actions toward compliance with these laws. She’s the founding partner of Obidinski Law and she advises clients in the areas of real estate transactions, business transactions, contracts, corporate formation, and compliance. She is a product of the University of San Diego School of Law.

Augusta Precious Metals also has brand ambassadors that endorse the company to the public.

Joe Montana needs no introduction being a multiple-time Super Bowl Champion and Super Bowl MVP with 

the 49ers. A few years after his retirement, Mr. Montana partnered with his former teammate Harris Barton to set up a fund-of-funds capital firm, HRJ capital.

He is currently the managing partner of Liquid 2 Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm he formed with Mike Miller (founder of Cloudant which was acquired by IBM), Michael Ma (founder of TalkBin acquired by Google), and Nate Montana, his son. Clearly, he understands investments deeply, and when Joe Montana started to endorse Augusta Precious Metals after attending a 1:1 web conference and opening a gold IRA himself; it speaks volumes about the quality of education that Augusta provides.

Mark Levin is the latest to join the team as a brand ambassador. He notes Augusta Precious Metals will not  

just sell you but will educate you, so you can make your own decision. Mark Levin is a lawyer, best-selling author, and radio and TV personality. He is the host of the Mark Levin Show and Life, Liberty, and Levin.

Augusta Precious Metals Products and Services

The company provides various products and services for the gold IRA investor. Augusta Precious Metals sells different types of silver and gold bullion - including coins and bars not just from the US but from different countries such as Canada, Austria, and South Africa. They are also a precious metals IRA company. They will help you set up your gold and silver IRA and will walk you through the easy steps to open your account from beginning to end. They will also provide you with high-quality gold and silver bullion for your precious metals IRA.

Are precious metals IRA’s a good investment?

Precious metals IRAs are a good investment for retirement investors looking to protect their portfolios from inflation, currency devaluation, and market downturns. Precious metals, especially gold, have been used for a long time as a hedge against inflation.

When the US and other countries moved away from the gold standard and then printed massive amounts of their currencies, they put a lot of inflationary pressure on their currencies. Precious metals serve to protect your portfolio against those pressures.

Some financial advisors recommend putting only 5-10% of your portfolio in precious metals. This, along with any pension and dividend income, should be enough liquidity to give your portfolio time to ride out a market downturn.

If the market crashed before or during your retirement, the last thing you want to do is to sell your beaten-down stocks. You want to give it time to recover in price. In the meantime, you can sell your precious metals for liquidity.

What should you invest in? Let’s look at your options.

Augusta Gold Products

Augusta gold bullion comes in two categories: Common and Premium. Common gold bullion products are plentiful in supply. Examples are the gold American Eagle Bullion in different denominations and random years, the gold American Buffalo, the gold Canadian Maple Leaf, and gold bars.

Premium bullion is rarer and sometimes limited edition; thus more valuable and sought after as collectibles. Examples are the gold 2022 St. Helena Sovereign, gold 2015 Canadian $10 Polar Bear and Cub, gold American Eagle Proof, and Commemorative Coins.

Augusta Silver Products

Similar to gold, Augusta silver bullion comes in two categories: Common and Premium. Examples of their silver products are the American Silver Eagle, Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, Silver Austrian Philharmonic, Silver 90% Bag, and Silver Bars.

Augusta also sells Premium bullion such as the Silver Royal Canadian Mint Soaring Eagle, Silver Canada $8 Polar Bear and Cub 2015, Silver Canada $8 Arctic Fox 2015, Half Dollar Silver Coins (John F. Kennedy, Ben Franklin, Walking Liberty), Commemorative Dollar and American Silver Eagle Proof.

Augusta Precious Metals sells both IRA-approved gold and non-IRA precious metals. The non-IRA metals don’t meet the stringent criteria of the IRS for IRA eligibility. You can still buy these metals for your physical collection but they cannot be included in your IRA.

Is it better to invest in gold or silver?

It’s better to invest in gold rather than silver if you are looking to protect your portfolio from inflation, currency devaluation, and market downturns. However, if you want a precious metal to also potentially earn a higher return, you’d likely want to invest in silver.

To know why that is, let’s look at the similarities and differences between these 2 precious metals.

Both of them have low commercial demand compared to industrial metals, although silver has more industrial applications than gold. They both serve as a hedge against inflation. Both are used for making jewelry.

There are important differences between the two. Silver is more abundant than gold, thus silver has a lower price per unit weight of gold. At the time of writing, silver is at $24.23 per ounce, while gold is at $1,860.10.

Even though silver is more abundant, this big disparity in price means that silver has a lower market capitalization than gold and other large public companies. This leads to silver being more volatile than gold. Silver is much more easily affected by changes in the economy and volatility in the markets.

So, you can see why gold is the safest precious metal to invest in. Gold is a better hedge against inflation and market downturns because it’s less correlated to the stock and currency markets. It’s also less volatile compared to silver which is more easily affected by economic changes and volatility in the stock and commodity markets.

However, the best precious metal to buy right now depends a lot on your own investment objectives. Both gold and silver are viable precious metals to buy but both serve different roles in a portfolio. Gold serves as a better hedge against inflation and market downturns while silver can generate higher returns if bought at a good price.

In order to make a more informed decision, we highly recommend that you grab a free gold IRA guide from Augusta and schedule a free 1:1 web conference to have your gold and silver investing questions answered.

How to Get Started with Augusta Precious Metals?

To get started with Augusta Precious Metals, it’s best to talk to an Augusta Precious Metals representative by calling 800-700-1008 to see for yourself if Augusta is a good fit as your precious metals IRA company.

You can also request to get a free Augusta Precious Metals IRA guide. This guide contains a primer on the important things that you need to know about opening a gold IRA - what it actually is, how to set it up, and what metals you can buy to include in a gold IRA.

Then we recommend that you set a schedule for the 1:1 web conference so you can ask all your questions, air all your concerns, and be 100% confident that Augusta Precious Metals is the best gold IRA company for you.

What is the Best Gold IRA?

With an excellent track record on independent review websites like the BBB, thousands of 5-star customer ratings, and a top-notch leadership team, we believe that Augusta Precious Metals is the best gold IRA company. We’re not the only ones saying it: Money Magazine and also chose Augusta Precious Metals as the best gold IRA company in the United States.

Money Magazine likes the educational content that Augusta Precious Metals makes available to potential clients. They also like that Augusta Precious Metals supports “investing diversity” and you can potentially waive fees for up to 10 years. This is significant because one disadvantage of investing in precious metals is paying for storage. You can’t keep your metals at home. They need to be in an IRS-approved depository and that is an added fee that you don’t need to pay in a traditional IRA. If the Augusta Precious Metals fees are waived, that’s huge savings. That’s why Money Magazine likes Augusta.

Money Magazine started as a print magazine in 1972 and they have evolved now into a popular website with the same mission - to provide personal finance strategies that improve their bottom line. likes the high level of experience and knowledge from Augusta. They also like that Augusta Precious Metals puts a premium on excellent customer support. This to them is a key advantage of Augusta Precious Metals. is one of the leading websites for gold IRA information. It was founded in 2013 by William Turner; a 25-year web development expert and professional digital consultant. The site follows the precious metal market closely to publish informative content on using precious metals in investment portfolios.


Getting the endorsement from 2 respected entities, along with the high ratings from review platforms and profuse positive reviews from actual customers, solidifies Augusta’s position as the best gold IRA company in the United States.

This is made possible because of the mission-focused leadership of Isaac Nuriani, their CEO who is dedicated to building a solid culture centered around providing world-class precious metals IRA service. He surrounded himself with a competent leadership team that has helped him solidify that culture and build up the reputation of the company in the industry.

Their efforts make Augusta Precious Metals stand out. Without a doubt, if you plan to invest in precious metals, this is the best company to help you open a gold IRA account today.

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