Who Owns Goldco Precious Metals? The South African Who Make It Big In the U.S.


Trevor Gerszt is the founder and CEO of Goldco Precious Metals. Based on his profile in Money, Inc., he was born in East London, South Africa, then immigrated to the United States in 1976 with his family when he was 6. As of 2018, his net worth was $15 million. There has yet to be an updated figure of his net worth since then.

This article will give you an in-depth look at Trevor Gerszt, growing up, his education, and how he got into the finance industry. This article is a comprehensive compilation of information on Goldco’s CEO that is not found on the Goldco website.

Information on Goldco’s CEO will say a lot about the company’s work ethics and culture. The CEO usually leads by example. In this case, Trevor Gerszt walks the talk by giving good financial education and customer service.

You can also check out the background of other gold IRA company CEOs, who have also affected the finance industry. We suggest you read about Isaac Nuriani, Augusta Precious Metals’ CEO and founder, in our Who Owns Augusta Precious Metals article.

Trevor Gerszt - Early Years

Trevor Gerszt came from a family of coin collectors. When he was still a young boy, he used to receive silver dollars on his birthdays and special occasions. These gifts started his fascination for precious metals as he began a hobby of collecting coins.

As he grew up, he became aware that his father did not make the best financial decisions for their family. He started working at an early age and enjoyed earning money and planning for the future. His early awareness enabled him to fuse his childhood hobby of collecting coins with catalyzing stability and wealth protection.

Professional Life

After completing school, Trevor Gerszt acquired a real estate license and developed his real estate practice in San Fernando Valley, California, an area abundant with commercial and residential real estate opportunities. It was the economic downturn in 2008 that made Gerszt realize the more significant potential of gold and other precious metals, especially during unstable economic periods.

Gerszt embarked on setting up his own company, one that will run precious metal transactions based on strict ethical standards. He experienced handling the different facets of business, running directly sales, marketing, customer service, and operations until eventually, he hired staff to take over some of the work.

Trevor Gerszt’s leadership propelled Goldco to achieve $1 billion worth of precious metal transactions, a testimony to how successful and reputable the company has become.

Trevor Gerszt has also become a respected financial analyst. His views on finance have been sought by the media through interviews and article features. In an article released by the California Business Journal in 2020, Trevor Gerszt shared his opinions on investing in precious metals.

“The main reason why I am a big believer in precious metals – and to hold them for the long run – is because of our $20 trillion debt. This debt is too massive. It’s a hole that is too big to fill. The problem is too big to solve. I personally don’t see a way out of it. It’s a ticking time bomb.

The only thing to do is to take a proactive approach and hedge yourself with gold, silver, and other precious metals like platinum and palladium. To me, that is the only band-aid we can put on this open wound that we call our deficit.”

— Trevor Gerszt

The full interview can be read on Calbizjournal.com.

Trevor Gerszt also became part of the real estate reality show, Flippin’ Out, in 2017 with Jeff Lewis, an interior designer and real estate speculator. Gerszt and his wife Liat worked with the show to remodel their home.

Goldco’s Rise

Since it started in Los Angeles, in October 2006, Goldco is now a force to be reckoned with in the precious metal industry. The company has been raking in accolades and positive customer reviews from Trustpilot, Consumer Affairs, Trustlink, Google, and Business Consumer Alliance. The company also got exceptionally high ratings from Better Business Bureau and is a five-time lister on Inc.500’s “Fasted Growing Companies in the Country.” Search online for a Goldco review and you find that the company is praised for how it handles customers' precious metals IRA needs.

Sean Hannity Endorses Goldco. He is a conservative political commentator and popular talk show host, just one of the celebrities that endorse Goldco. His Goldco endorsement coincided with a time in the US when inflation was rising and National Debt soared, thus affecting the stock market. Sean Hannity shared why he endorsed the company. He states:

“We need to be vigilant about protecting our hard-earned money. For centuries, precious metals have been known as safe-haven assets, in particular, in times of uncertainty. That’s why Goldco is the only precious metals company to my audience, friends, and family, I've done my research and they are the best at what they do.”

Other Goldco endorsers include Chuck Norris, Ben Stein, and Stef Peeters.

Goldco has customer complaints but no current pending lawsuits. The company resolves these complaints by communicating closely with its customers. The complaints are rare and usually resolved quickly.

Investing with Goldco

Before opening your Goldco precious metals IRA, it is best to determine your financial goals first. This is so you can decide on your preference between a gold and silver IRA. Gold and silver each have merits that may work for or against your financial goals.

Gold offers better returns between gold and silver. A Gold IRA is the preferred choice by most seasoned investors because it is not affected by inflation. It is unaffected by economic downturns because its industrial uses are limited, hence this lessens its volatility. Gold is perfect for long-term investments.

Silver is more volatile than gold and is thus more unpredictable and challenging to manage as an investment. Silver is also widely used industrially and is thus affected by economic changes. But silver is cheaper than gold. If you want to make the most out of your investment regardless of silver’s volatility, silver may be for you. Remember, though, that more silver coins require more storage space.

Opening your Gold IRA

The eligibility requirements to open a precious metals IRA involve ensuring that the gold coin purchases you make are eligible for a gold IRA, which means they are IRS-approved. Not all gold coins are acceptable for gold IRA transactions.
To avoid tax penalties, account rollovers are the best option in funding a gold IRA. You can rollover funds from your 401k, traditional IRA, SEP IRA, or Roth IRA to fund your Goldco precious metal IRA. The process is also faster and will involve, mostly documentation your chosen custodian will facilitate. The other option is to withdraw funds from the same accounts mentioned, but this will incur tax penalties if you are below 59 years old and has a 30-day deadline for you to get your funds in for your gold IRA.

A Goldco specialist can help guide you with the processes involved in opening your precious metals IRA. Goldco can help you with finding a custodian that will facilitate documentation for your gold IRA. They also partnered with Delaware Depository to take charge of storage requirements, whether for a gold IRA or physical precious metal transactions.

Both the custodian and the depository incur annual fees, with costs dependent on your investment and chosen custodian. You can read our article on Goldco Precious Metals Fees to learn more about the Goldco fees.


To conclude, Trevor Gerszt is a fine example of impacting positively by educating people on how to make the most of protecting their wealth through impeccable Goldco service. He applied his life lessons to his business and transferred investment knowledge effectively through his Goldco free kit and Goldco website. You can find out more about Goldco's educational resources, and how to invest in a Gold IRA or physical gold in our Is Goldco Legit article.

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