Oxford Gold Group Complaints: How are They Sorted Out?


Oxford Gold Group sorts out its valid customer complaints by addressing them immediately after first verifying the account through their files. The complaints are very few in all the business review sites. You would have to really scan through all the pages of customer reviews to find any complaints.

On its website, Oxford Gold lays out The Oxford Edge, an enumeration of high-quality customer service that sets the company apart from its competitors. The best way to measure their customer service excellence is to check what customers usually complain about against them and how they respond to negative feedback.

Exploring a company’s customer complaints with an open mind is an excellent way to measure the company’s operational efficiency and ability to handle complaints. If you are exploring more than just one gold IRA company, try looking into Augusta Precious Metals, which to date has a record-breaking zero complaints achievement. You can read our Augusta Precious Metal Complaints article to prove this record is real and how they achieved this feat. Once you’ve read their story, you can compare them to Oxford Gold Group and determine which is the better company to invest with.

Oxford Gold Group Customer Reviews

Customer Complaints

Finding valid customer complaints about Oxford Gold Group is a challenge. The complaints are so few that you will really need to dig deep into the customer reviews to find them. The usual issue named in customer complaints that Oxford Gold receives is the long delivery period.

Here are some of the customer complaints we found.

Customer Complaint about unfulfilled commitment (Consumer Affairs)

The customer complained about an alleged unfulfilled commitment to be given free gold coins but never received them.

From Oxford Gold’s response, the above complaint does not seem to be valid. Oxford Gold responded to the complaint with facts and courtesy for the customer, even apologizing for the customer’s unpleasant experience. Oxford also offered a plausible scenario why the customer identified them as problematic even when he did not actually transact with them. 

Delivery time was too long (Consumer Affairs)

This complaint may be something that is beyond Oxford’s control but since there is a comparison with the shorter delivery time other gold IRA companies are able to accomplish, then maybe Oxford Gold Group should look into their process to see how they can improve it.

Customer Complaint about lack of online selling services (Trustpilot)

This complaint bashed Oxford Gold for not showing their physical precious metals prices on the website and for not having any online selling in place.

Oxford responded to the complaint.

Oxford’s lengthy response explained well why they do not have online sales and vindicated their website by showing the educational resources investors can learn from.

Customer Complaint about Oxford’s staff (Google Review)

This customer complaint was about how the customer interpreted Oxford Gold staff’s alleged attitude in facing customers.

Oxford Gold responded to this complaint with tact and courtesy, even if their staff were accused of not conducting themselves well in front of a customer. It was never established if this was a legitimate complaint or if the complainant was just trolling the company, but Oxford’s staff responded well, regardless.

Based on these four customer complaints, and the responses Oxford Gold gave to three complaints, the company shows that they respond to customer complaints carefully and with proper decorum.

Oxford Gold Positive Feedback

Oxford Gold may have a few customer complaints but they definitely have a lot of positive customer reviews. Here are some of the positive customer reviews lifted from the different customer review sites.

Praise for low prices and fast delivery (Trustpilot)

This customer appreciates the lower prices and fast delivery. The customer is probably a more seasoned investor who is well-versed with the prices of precious metals and is aware of the usual turnaround time for deliveries. Oxford Gold also responds to some of the positive reviews that they receive.

Positive feedback for excellent customer service (Business Consumer Alliance)

This customer appreciates the patience and show of reassurance shown by the Oxford Gold specialist who made opening a gold IRA for this customer a smooth and stress-free experience.

Positive feedback for the rollover process (Consumer Affairs)

This customer went through the process of choosing from several gold IRA companies before settling with Oxford Gold. The custom praised three Oxford specialists for helping him with his rollover.

Customer appreciation for the prompt response from staff (Google Review)

This customer appreciated the company's prompt response to her despite the season of heavy transactions they faced.

These positive customer reviews are just a few of the hundreds Oxford Gold Group has received from different business rating sites.

Oxford Gold Group Background

Oxford Gold Group was founded in 2017, by Patrick Granfar and Johnathan Adler. Patrick Granfar is currently the company’s CEO and Johnathan Adler is the CFO.

Oxford Gold Group headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California.

Since 2017, the company has gained a solid reputation for providing excellent customer service. Here are some of the customer satisfaction ratings Oxford Gold Group has achieved:

4.8/5 stars rating in Consumer Affairs

4.9/5 stars rating in Trustpilot

AA and a 5-star rating in Business Consumer Alliance

A+ and 5-star rating from Better Business Bureau

5-star rating from Google

Customer Complaints

You can open a gold IRA, silver IRA, and other precious metals IRA with Oxford Gold Group. A minimum investment of $7500 is required for a gold IRA. If you are not inclined to set up a gold IRA investment, you can also buy physical precious metals from the company, for a minimum investment of $1500. You can read our article on Oxford Gold Group Fees to have a clear picture of what fees you need to pay for setting up a gold or precious metal IRA.

The company’s team of trained specialists will assist you with setting up your gold IRA or precious metals investment. They will help with the rollover of funds from your 401k, Roth IRA, SIMPLE IRA, SEP IRA, or Traditional IRA.

Oxford Gold Group works in partnership with STRATA and Equity Institutional and can recommend either as your IRA custodian. The company can also help you choose what products to purchase, to ensure that the gold products you buy are IRA-approved. The company can also help you choose what products to purchase, to ensure that the precious metals you buy are IRA-approved.

Here are IRA-approved products that Oxford Gold Group offers, based on the available products on their website:

American Gold Eagle

American Gold Buffalo

Austrian Gold Philharmonic

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins.

American Silver Eagle Coins

Canadian Maple Silver Leaf Coins

Silver Austrian Philharmonic

The company is also in partnership with Brinks and Delaware Depository to handle the storage of your physical gold, silver, or other precious metals.

Investing With Oxford Gold Group

Gold is right for your retirement investing because it is a good hedge against inflation and is not as volatile as paper stocks. Talking with an Oxford Gold Group Specialist will help you decide when it is best to buy gold or silver and what to buy, depending on your investment goals.

Oxford Gold Group can give updates on your gold or precious metal investment if you will request them from the account specialist handling your account. You can also track the progress of the prices of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium by checking the charts for each precious metal on their website.


In summary, Oxford Gold Group responds to its complaints professionally by first researching from their end if the complainant was indeed a customer and then sending well-crafted responses to the customer that assure them that their complaint was looked into. Their responses are not template replies crafted beforehand but are more customized according to the complaint in particular.

Thus Oxford Gold is different from its competitors by taking each complaint seriously, responding uniquely to every valid complaint, and encouraging customers with non-valid complaints to do business with them to experience their excellent customer service.

You can trust Oxford Gold Group with your precious metal IRAs because they have a good reputation in terms of providing guidance to new investors, guiding them through a smooth and stress-free process of setting up a gold IRA.
It is no wonder then that every Oxford Gold Group review speaks well about the company, such that it has been cited as a “best gold IRA company” by some review sites.

In case this does not convince you though, you can still check out other gold IRA companies to explore if they are a better fit for your requirements. Here are a few gold IRA companies that are also worth checking:

Birch Gold Group

Noble Gold Investments

American Hartford Gold

Advantage Gold

Patriot Gold Group

Goldco Precious Metals

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