Is Goldco Precious Metals Legit? Facts to know about Goldco before investing


Goldco is a legit gold IRA company and is in fact consistently touted as one of the best gold IRA companies every year by business analysts and business rating organizations.

Since it was founded in 2006 by its CEO Trevor Gerszt, Goldco has garnered a solid reputation for its exemplary customer service and abundant financial resource materials. Every Goldco review available online is filled with positive reports on the company's services. Here are some of the high ratings Goldco acquired through the years.



4.8/5 rating

Consumer Affairs

4.8/5 rating

Trustpilot reviews

4.9 rating


5 stars


AAA rating

Business Consumer Alliance

A+ rating

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Aside from these, Goldco also was included in Inc. 5000’s “Fasted Growing Companies in the Country” list five times. Goldco was also given the 2021 “Stevie Award for Company of the Year” and was named 2023 Best Gold IRA Company for Customer Support by Investopedia.

While these accolades prove Goldco is indeed a legitimate precious metal company, it still pays to explore more than just one gold IRA company. Augusta Precious Metals is another company worth looking into, because like Goldco, it has a lot of high ratings and good customer reviews too. You can check our Augusta Precious Metals Review, which comprehensively breaks down the company’s products, services and reputation as a consistent “Best Gold IRA Company” choice every year.

Goldco’s Company Background and Reputation

Goldco is a precious metal company based in Los Angeles founded in 2011 by its current CEO Trevor Gerszt, to guide Goldco precious metals IRA investors in protecting their investments through educational materials and impeccable customer service.

Goldco’s Sterling Leadership

Goldco’s CEO has a highly positive reputation in the precious metals industry which also affects Goldco’s reputation as a precious metals company to be trusted. According to his LinkedIn profile, Trevor Gerszt was determined to run his company employing strict ethical standards after being exposed to some of the industry’s less-than-ethical practices. His solid reputation in the business circle made him a sought-after expert to comment on financial issues by business media. He has also worked closely with Ron Paul, a former US presidential candidate. Ron Paul has this to say about Trevor Gerszt:

“I’ve been a long-time advocate of owning precious metals and I’m happy to work with Goldco in promoting the value of gold and silver to protect Americans’ retirement assets against the Federal Reserve’s continued inflationary monetary policy.”

The trust given to Trevor Gerszt and Goldco by the business media and investors sealed Goldco as a legit company. As a result of the company’s solid reputation, Goldco is the only gold IRA company endorsed by the likes of Sean Hannity, Chuck Norris, Stef Peeters, and Ben Stein. The company also earned the trust of investors, as it reached a milestone of reaching $1 billion worth of gold investments transacted with the company.

The Goldco Difference

Excellent customer service and abundant, free educational materials make Goldco exceptional. This has been true for years. Goldco’s knowledgeable account managers efficiently served Goldco’s customers, that were pleased enough to take the time to give them rave reviews on different business platforms.

Goldco’s website contains a lot of news stories and articles that cover Goldco updates, investing, politics, retirement planning, and other topics relevant to finance. Goldco has also been giving away free Goldco information kits on “Protecting Wealth,” available on request. The Goldco free kit is a physical pack that contains printed material and audio and visual guides that make learning about financial investments more engaging. These materials help prepare an investor better for diversifying their investment portfolio with a precious metals IRA.

Goldco’s Services

Goldco makes money through its services, namely assistance to investors in opening precious metals accounts and selling and purchasing gold, silver, and other precious. metals. To break down the company’s services further, Goldco:

Offers gold or silver IRA services

Helps investors rollover funds from their 401k, traditional IRA, SEP IRA, or Roth IRA to open a precious metal IRA.

Assist Goldco precious metal investors in finding custodians and depositories for the storage of physical gold, silver, and other precious metals. Goldco works with all the major custodians and has a partnership with the Delaware Depository. These partnerships make it easier for investors to complete a gold IRA transaction.

Offer physical precious metal selections to investors. Goldco has gold coin/gold bar selections, as well as silver coins to choose from.

Buyback of gold or silver coins, bars, and bullion from customers that purchased these items from them. This is a means of helping customers sell their precious metals.

Another Goldco specialist also gives guidance on how best to maximize investments and when to buy precious metals. This Goldco service is much appreciated by customers as seen in online customer reviews.

A new gold IRA investor is best suited for Goldco because they can benefit the most from Goldco’s guidance and educational resources.

Customers can benefit from a gold IRA company like Goldco as opposed to working directly with a custodian because custodians take care of the documentation and tax reporting for gold IRAs only. A precious metals company helps process the funding of the gold IRA, selection of a custodian and depository, and provides guidance with portfolio management. These extra services make opening a Goldco Gold IRA easier and stress-free.

To understand better the nuances of getting a gold IRA company to help set up your precious metals IRA, our article on how a gold IRA works will enlighten you further.

For more information about Goldco Precious Metals and its services, you can check our Goldco Precious Metals Review or the Goldco website. There are also a lot of articles online about Goldco. Each Goldco review will share how legitimate the company is and expound on its sterling reputation in the industry.

IRA Risks

Here are some risks that investors face when investing in precious metals IRAs:

1. Losing money to scammers

Be sure that you are dealing with a Goldco account manager or specialist who will advise you properly on how to invest in gold or silver. The account manager can tell you when it is a good time to buy gold or silver, and which coins are IRS-approved for gold IRAs.

2. Losing money due to lack of information

Investors sometimes lose money due to lack of knowledge. An example would be using the spot price of gold as the basis for buying gold coins. Some investors complain they purchased gold at a more expensive price than what was the current price, not knowing that add-on costs for the minting of gold coins have to be considered in the pricing.

It always pays to be well-informed before taking the big step of investing. You can find out more about what scams to avoid by reading our article Gold IRA Scams: 5 Common Schemes and How To Keep Your Money Safe.


To conclude, Goldco is a legitimate company, with all the accolades and endorsements it got. However, some vital information about the company is not available in Goldco’s website. The Goldco website should contain any company history or information about its leadership team. There is no information about the custodians that Goldco works well with.

The Goldco free kit can also be more beneficial if it is available in a digital copy, because one can only get a copy of the kit after an account manager has contacted the person who signed up for a free kit. Goldco is actually missing out on opportunities to get new clients if they get requests for the new kit and their account team does not initiate contact immediately.

Although there are a lot of positive Goldco reviews online, the company information will be more reliable if found directly on their website.

If despite Goldco’s legitimacy, you still want to check out more gold IRA companies, here are some noteworthy companies that have also heaped praises and good reviews in the United States:

Noble Gold Investments

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Augusta Precious Metals

Birch Gold Group

Patriot Gold Group

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