Augusta Precious Metals Complaints [Is It Really Zero Complaints?]


There are no Augusta Precious Metals' complaints on the big watchdog websites like the Better Business Bureau and Business Consumer Alliance so we dug deeper and still found no outstanding complaints on TrustLink and Consumer Affairs.

Smaller review websites did feature some complaints but we will show later how Augusta turned these into 5-star ratings. They are zealous in maintaining their impeccable standing which makes Augusta Precious Metals unique in the industry. They’re the only company that can claim to have zero complaints.

When you invest in an Augusta Precious Metals IRA, you will find the highest level of professional service and investor education in the industry. You may just find the same confidence and peace of mind that Joe Montana did when he opened an Augusta gold IRA.

What Kind of Reputation Does Augusta Precious Metals Have?

Augusta Precious Metals is the best gold IRA company according to Money Magazine and They also get the highest ratings from the BBB, BCA, TrustLink, and BCA.

Augusta Precious Metal has an excellent reputation in the precious metals IRA industry. They are often cited by their customers for providing informative presentations and world-class precious metals IRA service.

They earned the trust of the marketplace through astute business practices executed consistently over the past 10 years. Therefore, Augusta Precious Metals is a legit gold IRA company based on all the awards, reviews, and recommendations bestowed on them.

What If a Customer Has a Complaint Against Augusta Precious Metals?

If a customer has a complaint against a gold IRA company, there are several options available to them. Knowing their options can help you check the sources for customer complaints.

Contact the company directly

The customer can try to resolve the issue by contacting the company and explaining the problem. Many companies have a customer service department that can help resolve issues or address complaints.

File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The BBB is a non-profit organization that helps consumers resolve disputes with businesses. Customers can file a complaint with the BBB online or by contacting their local BBB office.

File a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)

The CFPB is a government agency that helps consumers resolve disputes with financial companies, including gold IRA companies. Customers can file a complaint with the CFPB online or by contacting their local office.

Contact a lawyer

If the issue cannot be resolved through the above steps, the customer may want to consider seeking legal advice. A lawyer can help the customer understand their rights and options and may be able to help resolve the issue through legal action.

It's important to note that gold IRA companies are regulated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). If the customer's complaint involves fraud or other illegal activities, they may want to report the issue to these agencies as well.

Augusta Precious Metals was founded in 2012 and has been in business for 10 years. It would be safe to say that any fraud in the company would be discovered by now. The company has a sterling track record and would probably not risk committing any fraud at this point. Still, it never hurts to dig deeper.

Augusta Precious Metals BBB

Augusta Precious Metals BBB rating is A+, the highest possible rating from the Better Business Bureau. They’ve been accredited with the BBB since 2015.

The BBB Rating System Explained

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) uses its rating system as a way to evaluate the trustworthiness and credibility of a business. The BBB assigns ratings to companies based on many factors, including the business's complaint history, the length of time it has been in operation, and whether it has made a good-faith effort to resolve any complaints that have been filed against it.

The BBB uses a letter grading system to assign ratings to businesses, with A+ being the highest rating and F being the lowest. The specific criteria used to determine a business's rating can vary depending on the industry and the BBB's standards for that industry.

In general, a business with an A+ rating is considered to be an excellent business that meets the BBB's high standards for trustworthiness and reliability. A business with a lower rating may have had more complaints filed against it or may not have made a good-faith effort to resolve those complaints.

The BBB rating is just one factor to consider when evaluating a business. Customers should also consider other factors, such as the company's reputation, customer reviews, and the products or services it offers.

Augusta Precious Metals Complaints on BBB

The company has zero customer complaints on the BBB. This is impressive considering the volume of business that they do and being in business for 10 years. This validates the company’s professional focus on excellent customer service. If the company can resolve a customer’s complaints directly, there’s no need for a customer to report to the BBB.

Although the BBB is the biggest and most established, it is not the only organization that rates companies and receives customer complaints. There are other platforms that we also need to check like the next one.

Augusta Precious Metals TrustLink

Augusta Precious Metals TrustLink rating is 5 stars with 283 reviews logged. This is the highest rating in TrustLink, Augusta Precious Metals duplicated their impressive record in BBB. Trustlink does not issue a separate rating for a company like BBB.
TrustLink highlights Augusta Precious Metals’ reputation for exemplary customer service and transparency. Augusta Precious Metals has also been cited as “Best of TrustLink in Precious Metals” for 6 years.

What is TrustLink?

TrustLink is a platform that allows consumers to review and rate businesses, including gold IRA companies. It is similar to other review websites, such as Yelp or Google My Business, in that it allows customers to share their experiences and opinions about businesses they have used.

TrustLink is operated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It is free for companies to sign up for a listing on TrustLink, and customers can search for companies by location, type, or name.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) created TrustLink as a way to provide consumers with additional information about businesses and to help them make informed decisions about which companies to patronize. TrustLink allows customers to review and rate businesses, including gold IRA companies and provides a platform for businesses to respond to customer reviews and address any issues that may have been raised.

Businesses on TrustLink are rated based on the number of reviews they receive and the overall rating they get from customers. Customers can leave reviews and ratings for businesses they have used, and companies can respond to reviews and address any issues raised by customers.

It's important to note that TrustLink is just one source of information about a business, and customers should consider other factors, such as the company's reputation, products or services, and any other customer reviews they can find, when evaluating a business.

Augusta Precious Metals Complaints on TrustLink

TrustLink doesn’t have a separate feature for logging complaints. You can only post a review so if a customer has a complaint against Augusta Precious Metals, they would most likely post a 1 or 2-star review.
Going through 15 pages of reviews all the way back to 2013, there are

  • 262 5-star reviews
  • 16 4-star reviews
  • 5 3-star reviews
  • 0 2-star reviews
  • 0 1-star reviews

Without 1 or 2-star reviews, we can only look at the 3-star reviews to see if customers have any complaints against Augusta.

Kevin gave a 3-star rating and chose Augusta because they held his hand along the way. They were quick in providing feedback and his guy Isaac was knowledgeable. This was 2013 so Isaac Nuriani the CEO handled face-to-face customer interactions.

Antero gave a 3-star rating and was very pleased with the knowledge and customer service. Again, it was Isaac who handled his transaction and the CEO listened intently and answered all questions. So early on, Isaac established a culture of outstanding customer service in the company.

David gave a 3-star rating and observed how Randy Asburn, the Customer Success Agent who handled the transaction, was very professional and made him feel very comfortable.

Mike Hodge gave Augusta a 3-star rating while saying that the Customer Success Agent Ron Tippet was great to work with and answered all of his questions.

James gave the company a 3-star rating and said that Devlyn Steele, the Director of Education, has gone above and beyond to answer all his questions.

So, looking at the 3-star reviews, we actually don’t find any complaints. Customers have been full of praise and admiration for the professional service of Augusta Precious Metals. Let’s look at the next platform.

Augusta Precious Metals BCA

Augusta Precious Metals BCA rating is AAA, the highest rating on the platform. In addition, 93 customers gave Augusta Precious Metals a perfect 5-star rating and 2 customers gave them 4 stars. No customer gave them a 3-star or lower rating. Augusta Precious Metals has been a member of BCA since 2013.

There were also zero complaints on the platform. Again the consistency.

What is the BCA?

The Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) is a non-profit organization that provides information and resources to consumers and businesses. The BCA collects and publishes information about businesses, including ratings and reviews, to help consumers make informed decisions about which companies to patronize.

Business Consumer Alliance, Inc. began business in 1928. Before 2013, BCA operated as the Better Business Bureau of the Southland. After a dispute with the national BBB, they were expelled and decided to form a separate organization.

They are similar to the BBB in that they assist consumers in resolving complaints with businesses. They use complaint information along with other information like customer reviews to gauge business reliability. The BCA uses a similar rating system as the BBB, ranging from AAA to F, which assists the public in identifying reputable or disreputable companies.

BCA computes the ratings according to an algorithm that combines factors such as the type of business, length of time in business, compliance with competency licensing requirements, complaint volume, complaint history, the severity of complaints, response to complaints, and the industry. The rating is BCA’s opinion of the company's reliability.

With a AAA rating from BCA, Augusta Precious Metals shows a very high score for reliability. It’s a remarkable testament to their culture and their team that they would get consistently positive reviews through the years all raving about their professionalism.

Let’s look at the next platform. 

Augusta Precious Metals Consumer Affairs

Augusta Precious Metals Consumer Affairs rating is 4.9 stars out of 129 ratings. Again another high rating demonstrates consistent customer satisfaction through the years. Consumer Affairs labels the reviews that are from verified buyers and reviewers. Consumer Affairs does not have a separate rating for a company like BBB.

What is the BCA?

ConsumerAffairs is a customer review and consumer news platform that provides information for making smarter purchasing decisions. The platform believes that buyers can make better decisions by combining intensive research and consumer feedback through customer reviews. It’s not just a platform for making reviews and complaints. It aims to help people make better buying decisions.

The platform also provides companies with valuable review data to improve their product and customer service.

Consumer Affairs was founded in 1998 by Jim Hood. Unlike the BBB and BCA, Consumer Affairs is a for-profit company.

Augusta Precious Metals Complaints on Consumer Affairs

Similar to TrustLink, Augusta Precious Metals doesn’t get any 1 or 2-star ratings on the website. However, there’s something interesting in Consumer Affairs. They highlight reviews that were changed or upgraded by the customer.

David gave Augusta Precious Metals a 3-star review. This is the first review we found that is not complimentary to Augusta. David was not impressed with the presentation and found the fees steep. This is interesting because almost all reviews to this point have been impressed by the educational content from Augusta Precious Metals.

Isaac Nuriani, who owns Augusta Precious Metals, responded that they will do what they can to further customize the presentation. He also noted that their fees are among the lowest in the industry.

Table. Gold IRA Fees Summarized.

Gold IRA Company

One-Time Set Up Fees

Annual Fees

Augusta Precious Metals



Advantage Gold



American Hartford Gold



Birch Gold Group






Noble Gold



In our opinion, the review doesn’t diminish the reputation of Augusta Precious Metals. Their presentations are highly rated by other satisfied customers and the fees are one of the lowest in the industry.

Other reviews on Consumer Affairs were actually upgraded from 3 stars to 5 stars.

Misael initially gave Augusta 3 stars. It doesn’t say why the customer upgraded it to 5 stars but the customer moved forward with owning gold and silver after talking with their economist and they’re happy with the service.

This next review is quite detailed and lengthy and reveals a lot about the company.

Katherine Initially gave the company a 3-star review. She had good initial contact with Augusta Precious Metals because the customer success agent that she worked with was very personable, knowledgeable, and attentive. She was reassured by the individual treatment that she received.

However, she encountered some issues with her gold investment.

She already had a large investment in precious metals outside of a precious metal IRA. Since she cannot put her existing investment into her IRA, she had to liquidate the physical gold and repurchase metals from Augusta Precious Metals.

It was also discovered that Augusta Precious Metals had not dealt with a customer from Louisiana before and she encountered difficulty in getting a depository in Louisiana. They initially set up an LLC but it was outside of Louisiana and the banks wouldn’t give a safety deposit box to an out-of-state LLC.

Eventually, she got another customer success agent to help her who was able to sort everything out. They closed the out-of-state LLC and opened one in-state. They were then able to repurchase the metals and get a depository for them.

Her last issue, which is probably the reason for her 3-star rating is that her Augusta gold IRA custodian, Kingdom Trust, would ask her for a valuation of her Augusta gold but she has no idea how to do a valuation and she claimed that no one was assisting her.

Isaac Nuriani replied to Katherine thanking her for her patience in navigating this unique situation. He reminded her that the whole company was at her service for the lifetime of her account. She likely just needed to call to get a valuation. It’s reasonable to expect that Augusta Precious Metals helped her with the valuation and that’s why she upgraded her rating to 5 stars.

This highlighted that when a customer is working with Augusta Precious Metals, they can expect responsive customer service, one of the pros of the service. But a con with the company is they have not operated in all states of the US.

A challenging situation is a litmus test for a company. If they’re able to overcome that challenge, it will serve to upgrade the knowledge and capability of the company and equip them to better handle future similar situations.
There were 2 other Augusta gold IRA reviews that were upgraded to 5 stars and one to 4 stars.

Jeff left a 3-star review initially because he had problems with the delayed shipment of his physical gold. They were finally able to locate the metals and secure the delivery. The good thing about a problem with shipments is the metals are insured while in transit. Fortunately, they were able to trace it and lead it back to the proper destination.

One 5-star review that was upgraded from 3 stars looks to have involved a customer whose agent passed away. It’s likely that when he was looking for a valuation from his previous agent, he did not receive it. Eventually, a new agent took over servicing his account and that resolved the issue.

The last rating that we will cover here is from Robert who initially gave a 3-star rating. He was concerned that the value of his physical gold coin stash dropped from $10,000 to $2,000 according to the 3rd party depository that held his metals. He was understandably disappointed but after a discussion with Augusta Precious Metals, he was reassured about the value of his holdings.

What we can learn here is It’s important to always raise issues with Augusta Precious Metals. They are responsive and willing to answer any and all concerns. Customers need to be working with Augusta Precious Metals to quickly settle their concerns and have peace of mind.

You can speak with an Augusta Precious Metals representative by calling 800-700-1008 (for new customers) or 855-909-0082 (for current customers) or heading to their website.

Robert’s complaint raises a good point though. Why is his stash of physical gold worth only $2,000 according to Gold Star?

Gold Coin vs. Gold Bar

Most likely Robert invested in gold coins and/or silver coins. Coins have a lower melt value than bars. But coins have more value even if they weigh less than gold bars because more work is involved in producing the coins.

The design, the craftsmanship, the rarity, and other factors all contribute to giving more premium to gold bullion or gold coins like the Gold American Eagle, Gold American Buffalo, or Royal Canadian Mint Gold Coins.

The same principle is true for a silver coin or silver bullion like the American Silver Eagle or Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. These are more valuable per ounce than silver bars because of the silver coins' workmanship, rarity, and collectability.

Value of Platform Reviews

We can also see the value of the review platforms. They are a good channel to raise concerns because of their public nature. Responsive companies who care about their reputation will rush to resolve any customer issues.

We can see that Augusta Precious Metals highly values its reputation and its customers. They make every effort to resolve any outstanding issue that they can resolve. That is reassuring to all current and future customers.

There are two more platforms that have a lot of reviews on Augusta Precious metals - Google My Business and Facebook Recommendations. We would have wanted to have reviews on TrustPilot but Augusta had no reviews there.

Augusta Precious Metals scores highly in terms of ratings. However, these 2 social media giants do not have a vetting process for confirming legitimate customers and reviews. You will see a number of spam and fake reviews. Thus it would be difficult for us to make a sound assessment of the company’s performance on these platforms.

Still, we will show the ratings that Augusta Precious Metals received on these social media platforms for reference.

Augusta Precious Metals Google My Business

August Precious Metals Google My Business rating is 4.9 stars out of 294 reviews, an impressive achievement considering the number of views. Looking at the most mentioned words in the reviews - “informative” and “presentation” top the list. This is consistent with the feedback on other platforms where Augusta Precious Metals conducts informative and professional presentations.

What is Augusta Precious Metals Facebook Reviews rating?

Augusta Precious Metals Facebook Reviews rating is 4.8 stars out of 124 reviews. Out of all the review sites, Facebook is probably the least reliable because of the presence of spam reviews that have nothing to do with Augusta Precious Metals.

Can you trust Augusta Precious Metals with your Gold IRA?

After looking at various platforms, the actual reviews, and the responses from the company, we can confidently conclude that you can trust Augusta Precious Metal with your gold and silver IRA.

They demonstrated quick responsiveness to customer complaints and a willingness to solve any customer concerns. That’s why they are highly rated by all these review sites and consumer watchdog groups. Augusta Precious Metals also has no pending lawsuits.

Even Hall-of-Fame NFL Quarterback Joe Montana is impressed. Mr. Montana and his financial team found Augusta Precious Metals to be the best gold IRA company after thorough research and interviews.

Their research is backed by others like Money Magazine and IRA Gold Advisor who both cite Augusta Precious Metals as the best gold IRA company in the United States.

How to Open an Augusta Precious Metals Gold IRA?

The best way to open an Augusta Precious Metals Gold IRA is to speak to an Augusta Precious Metals representative by calling toll-free at 800-700-1008 anytime during business hours or to fill out the form to request a gold IRA information kit.

We’d also recommend that you request to attend their 1:1 web conference so you get top-notch investor education and ask all your concerns before opening a gold IRA account.

Once, you are good to go with Augusta Precious Metals, they will assist you in filling up the forms to open your gold IRA account. Then you will fund your account via check, wire transfer, or rollover funds from one of your other retirement accounts.

Lastly, the fun part: buying your gold and/or silver. You can choose from a variety of gold and silver bullion. Once you confirm the purchase, Augusta Precious Metals will have your precious metals delivered to your depository and you can now rest easy.

Augusta Precious Metals Complaints Summary

To summarize, Augusta Precious Metals received zero complaints from the big watchdog organizations - BBB, BCA, Trustlink, and Consumer Affairs.

They also received the highest ratings from these organizations.

  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • AAA rating from Business Consumer Alliance
  • 5-star rating from TrustLink
  • 5-star rating from Consumer Affairs
  • 4.9 stars on Google My Business
  • 4.8 stars on Facebook Reviews

The fact that they had no outstanding complaints shows that Augusta Precious Metals is responsive to customer concerns and worthy of your business and trust.

You can check our full Augusta Precious Metals review for a wider assessment of the best Gold IRA company in the United States. You can have peace of mind that your wealth and retirement savings are in good hands.

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