American Hartford Gold Review: How Does it Compare To Other Gold IRA Companies?


If you’re searching on Google for the best Gold IRA company to help you get started on diversifying your investments, American Hartford Gold has a solid reputation. It offers a price match guarantee, no set-up fee, annual fees waived for the first year, and no minimum deposit to open a Gold IRA account with them.

Being one of the best Gold IRA companies doesn’t automatically mean being the most suitable for your needs. To determine its suitability for your needs, it is vital to find answers to the following questions.

  • Does American Hartford Gold have the best gold and silver coin selection?
  • Is an American Harford Gold IRA package the best in the industry?
  • How does American Hartford Gold compare to other Gold IRA companies?
  • What do customers say about their experience with American Hartford Gold?

This American Hartford Gold review aims to answer these questions for you. The review will look at American Hartford Gold’s precious metal offerings, services, and pricing compared to other Gold IRA companies to give you a better perspective on which Gold IRA company will fit your needs.

What is American Hartford Gold?

American Hartford Gold is a family-owned and operated Gold IRA company in Los Angeles, California, offering precious metals investment services.

Who owns American Hartford Gold?

Sanford Mann owns American Hartford Gold. He founded the company in 2015 and is currently its Chief Executive Officer, driving American Hartford’s overall strategic direction with the highest levels of customer satisfaction as its utmost priority.

Is American Hartford Gold legitimate?

Yes, American Hartford Gold is legitimate.

The American Hartford Gold Group has been given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and 5-star customer satisfaction ratings on review platforms such as Google, ConsumerAffairs, and Trustpilot. It was awarded an AA rating by the Business Consumer Alliance, besides 5-star ratings given by eight customers who have shared their praises on its website.

American Hartford Gold was also ranked as the #1 Gold Company by Inc.5000’s 2021 list of America’s fastest-growing private companies.

With all these accolades given by prestigious entities within the US business sector, American Hartford Gold is assuredly a legitimate company that offers stellar customer service seven days a week.

How does American Hartford Gold work?

American Hartford Gold helps customers achieve a diverse investment portfolio by adding “safe haven” assets, which are stable and will not fluctuate, like precious metals IRA. The company provides sound financial advice, the highest quality of gold and silver coins, and competitive prices with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

How does American Hartford Gold make money?

American Hartford Gold makes money by selling gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars and helping customers set up Gold IRA accounts. These customers make money by diversifying investments to include precious metals to protect against inflation and enjoy tax benefits.

What services does the American Hartford Gold Group offer its customers?

American Hartford offers two primary services: selling precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium and facilitating Gold IRAs.

What are the benefits of an American Hartford Gold IRA?

American Hartford Gold Group has an impressive network of third-party custodians and storage companies that help process opening a Gold IRA Account or IRA Rollovers. These IRA accounts are managed by an IRS-approved custodian such as Equity Trust, a custodian of choice of many Gold IRA companies.

First-time investors planning to open an American Gold IRA account can learn a lot from educational materials downloadable from the company’s website. These first-time investors are not required to have any minimum initial investment to open an IRA Account and can also enjoy a waived annual fee for their first year of investment.

The most distinct benefit that sets American Hartford Gold apart is its price match guarantee. The company promises that it will match any competitors' prices for gold, silver, and platinum.

What are the tax advantages of American Hartford Gold IRA?

With an American Hartford Gold IRA account, you can rollover an existing IRA account to a Gold IRA while still enjoying the tax advantages. Gold IRAs have deferred tax on gains and will only be taxed when IRAs are liquidated.

What is the minimum investment for American Hartford Gold?

American Harford Gold does not require a minimum initial investment for Gold IRAs and $2,500 for physical gold and silver sales.

Can you contribute to an American Hartford Gold IRA as you would with any other IRA?

Yes, your contributions can purchase more precious metals and grow the account or purchase other investments in your IRA.

Which fees will you have to pay for American Hartford Gold IRA?

Opening a precious metals IRA account with American Hartford Gold will involve the following fees:

  • Annual fee- waived annual fees on the first year, succeeding years at $180
  • Setup fee - unlike other Gold IRA companies, American Hartford Gold does not charge any setup fees.

You can read our American Hartford Gold Fees article for more information on gold IRA fees that you migh need to prepare for.

How do you know if your American Hartford Gold IRA is performing well?

You’ll know if your American Hartford Gold IRA is performing well if the charts on American Hartford Gold website shows a “+” on the trading results. The chart pages offer a choice of the period you would like to monitor. Below is a sample gold chart.

You can directly monitor the performance of your precious metals by checking the gold, silver, and platinum pricing charts on American Hartford Gold’s website.
Alternatively, your American Hartford Gold IRA account administrator can regularly provide an account statement with all the information you need to track the performance of your account.

What types of gold and silver does American Hartford Gold sell?

Gold and Silver Bullion Sales

American Hartford Gold offers the following bar and coin selections for those who prefer to purchase precious metals outside of their IRAs


1 ounce Gold Bar

Saint Helena Sovereign Gold Coin

Australian Wildlife Gold Coin

1984 U.S. Commemorative

American Eagle Coin

American Buffalo Coin

Canadian Buffalo 2018 Coin

Canadian Buffalo 2021 Coin

Canadian Gyrfalcon Coin

Canadian Maple Leaf Coin

2015 Canadian Polar Bear & Cub Coin

2013 Canadian Polar Bear Coin

2014 Canadian Arctic Fox Coin

South African Krugerrand

$10 Liberty Eagle Coin

$5 Liberty Half Eagle Coin

Austrian Philharmonic Coin

Valcambi Combibar

Saint Gauden’s Double Eagle Coin

$20 Saint Gauden MS61

American Eagle Proofs


Silver bars

American Eagle Silver Coin

The Guardian 2-Ounce Silver Coin

Australian Wildlife Silver Coin

Europa and the Bull Silver Coin

South African Krugerrand Silver Coin

2014 Canadian Arctic Fox Silver Coin

Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coin

Canadian polar Bear and Cub Silver Coin

Canadian Buffalo 2021 Silver Coin

Canadian Gyrfalcon Coin

Saint Helena Sovereign Silver Coin

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

1 Ounce Rounds Silver Coin

Pre-64 Circulated Silver Coins

5 Ounce American The Beautiful Silver Coin

Austrian Philharmonic Silver Coin

Mercury Dimes Silver Coin

Morgan Dollar Coin

Circulated Half-Dollar

John F. Kennedy Coin

100 Ounce Silver Bar

American Silver Eagle Proof

Silver 10 Ounce Bar

Valcambi Combibar

Can you store physical gold in an American Hartford Gold IRA?

You cannot add previously purchased gold and other precious metals to a Gold IRA account, even if the precious metals meet all the standards required by the Internal Revenue code. What you can do is add funds to your IRA and then use the funds to buy gold through an IRA custodian.

Where will American Hartford Gold store your gold and silver?

American Hartford Gold stores your gold and silver in three leading storage companies; Brinks, the Delaware Depository, and the International Depository Service (IDS), to ensure secure storage of customers’ precious metals.

The IRS requires precious metals to be stored in authorized depositories, whether precious metals are purchased under a Gold IRA account or as physical gold transactions. The United States government prohibits storing physical gold at home. Investors of physical gold are advised to arrange for a legitimate depository to handle the precious metal storage.

How does American Hartford Gold store your precious metals?

Usually, storage of precious metal coins or bullion is co-mingled with other retirement accounts. However, you will still receive the same quality and type of product once you decide to liquidate your precious metal assets. But you can also opt to have your gold and silver segregated in storage, which American Hartford can help arrange for.

Does American Hartford Gold Offer Any Ongoing Promotions?

For a limited time only, American Hartford Gold offers these promos:

On top of these promos, the company has unique perks that contribute to its stellar reputation as one of the best Gold IRA companies:

  • 100% free IRA Rollover for a minimum of $10,000 purchases– Customers can enjoy free maintenance storage and insurance for up to 3 years.
  • Free Silver–Up to $1,500 worth of free silver can be delivered to customers on qualifying purchases.
  • Free Shipping–Physical gold and silver are shipped to the customer, registered and insured at no additional cost.
  • Buyback Commitment–Stress-free buyback process for precious metals with no fees.

These perks encourage investors to open an American Hartford Gold IRA account

How does American Hartford Gold buyback commitment work?

American Hartford Gold does not offer a buyback guarantee; it offers a buyback commitment.

The company encourages customers to contact them first if they wish to sell their precious metals. They cannot guarantee the repurchase of these precious metals, but American Hartford Gold will not charge any liquidation fees. They offer a quick and simple 3-step liquidation process; just contact them to start the liquidation, arrange for the shipment, and then issue the payment.

How does American Hartford Gold compare to other Gold IRA companies?

American Hartford Gold has quite a few unique offerings that may set it distinctly against its competitors. Here is a comparative analysis of American Hartford against other equally lauded Gold IRA companies.


American Hartford Gold

Augusta Precious Metals

Birch Gold Group

Noble Gold

Patriot Gold Group

Advantage Gold

Annual Fee

$280 (waived the first year)

$200 (after the first year)

$180–$230 (waived for $50k-up investments)


$180 (waived for $100k-up investments)


Gold IRA







Minimum Initial Investment







Setup Fee





$225 (waived for $30k-up investments


Silver IRA







Platinum IRA







Palladium IRA







Physical Precious Metals Sale














Free Shipping



For orders over $5,000




What are people saying about American Hartford Gold IRA?

American Hartford Gold holds the distinction of being the only precious metals company recommended by Rudy Giuliani, Dave Rubin, Roman Balmakov, and Bill O-Reilly.
Hundreds of customer reviews will further cement American Hartford Gold’s flawless reputation in providing the best financial advice to its investors.

Trustpilot Customer Reviews

Google Customer Feedback

How can you contact the customer service team of American Hartford Gold?

You can contact the company’s customer service team through their Contact Us page on the website or through the following:

  • Phone: 800-462-0071
  • Email:

Note that their operating hours are as follows:

  • Monday to Friday: 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST
  • Saturday: 6:00 AM to 4:00 PM PST


This American Hartford Gold review has proven that it is a legitimate gold IRA company and offers great services. American Hartford Gold makes buying gold or setting up a precious metal IRA account easy and stress-free while offering these perks:

  1. Waived annual fee for the first year
  2. No minimum deposit required
  3. Full precious metal IRA options, offering gold, silver, platinum, and palladium IRAs
  4. Price match guarantee
  5. Free shipping 

Customer reviews from Trustpilot and Google have also highlighted American Hartford Gold Group’s impeccable customer service. Each review pinpointed a highly efficient financial advisor who gave the customer ample information and options for investment, whether in buying gold coins and other precious metals or setting up a precious metals IRA account.
Every American Hartford Gold rating is well-deserved. This review has shown that the company’s customer service team extensively discusses American Hartford Gold products and how they can provide maximum investment benefits to investors. Customers have also expressed that processing a Gold IRA rollover is easy and stress-free.

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