American Hartford Gold Fees: Are They Worth It?


American Hartford Gold is worth investing with because opening an account with them does not require you to pay any fees.

Yes, you can open an American Hartford Gold IRA and they will not charge you a single cent! American Hartford Gold does not charge any setup fees or storage or insurance fees on your first year with them. They also offer free shipping, so delivery of your precious metals will not incur any cost, and they don’t require a minimum amount on your retirement investment either.

Before you quickly sign up with them, it is still prudent to get to know the company better to ensure that they offer everything you will need to complete your retirement investment. You can get to know the nitty-gritty details about the company in our article Is American Hartford Gold Legit?

You should explore at least two or three gold IRA companies just to be sure you end up with the right company. Augusta Precious Metals is one company worth checking out, having been awarded the best gold IRA company for its transparent pricing in 2022.

Meanwhile, this article gives you an overview of American Hartford Gold, what it has to offer, and some practical information about IRA fees and taxes. Investors sometimes need to pay more attention to the fees and taxes they will encounter in making a gold IRA investment. This article will educate you on making the most out of your retirement investment and avoiding being unpleasantly surprised by hidden costs later on.

American Hartford Gold Pricing and Fees

American Hartford Gold Group’s pricing is highly competitive, and it is the only gold IRA company that offers a price match guarantee. The company also offers these great deals for investors interested in an American Hartford Gold IRA:

5-star customer satisfaction ratings on ConsumerAffairs

No setup fees for new gold IRAs

No minimum deposit requirements

Waived annual fees (storage and insurance charges) in the first year and up to three years for qualified investments

Free silver coins of up to $5000 for a qualified investment

Buyback commitment for precious metals, with no liquidation fee charges

American Hartford Gold Products and Services

American Hartford Gold is a gold IRA company based in Los Angeles, California, offering the following services:

  1. Precious Metals IRA (Gold/Silver/Platinum/Palladium)
  2. Gold IRA Rollover
  3. Silver IRA Rollover

Physical sales of gold and silver bars and coins

The company serves as a one-stop shop for investors, guiding its clients efficiently through setting up a gold IRA by using its partnerships with the best custodians and depositories in the industry. American Hartford works closely with Equity Trust as its recommended custodian and three IRS-accredited depositories: Brinks Inc., Delaware Depository, and International Depository Services.

American Hartford Gold’s Solid Reputation

American Hartford Gold has been given stellar ratings by prestigious business organizations and rave reviews from customers year after year. Every American Hartford Gold Review available online is a testimony to their impressive customer service and special deals for customers. Here are some of the recent ratings given to them:

5-star customer satisfaction ratings on ConsumerAffairs

5-star customer satisfaction ratings on Google

A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau

AA rating by the Business Consumer Alliance

4.9-star rating on Consumer Affairs

#1 Gold Company by Inc.5000’s 2021 list of America’s fastest-growing private companies.

American Hartford Gold enjoys the distinction of being the only gold IRA company to be endorsed by quite several prominent personalities and celebrities. The likes of Rick Harrison, Rudy Giuliani, Bill O-Riley, Dave Rubin, and Roman Balmakov are just some personalities that highly recommend the American Hartford Gold Group as reliable experts for precious metals.

The company has recently reached $1.5 billion worth of gold transactions delivered within the United States, a testimony to its success and trustworthiness in the industry. The company’s success can be credited to the steady leadership of its CEO, Sanford Mann, who established American Hartford Gold 10 years ago and imbibed in his team the philosophy of providing customers with unlimited education, transparent pricing, and impeccable customer service.

American Hartford Gold Group’s President, Scott Gerlis, gives Sanford ample support by overseeing operations, and back office and providing guidance to the company’s roster of precious metal specialists

Both Sanford Mann and Scott Gerlis have honed their customer service teams such that investors opening an American Hartford Gold IRA will get to enjoy their seamless process, making them one of the best companies in the precious metals industry.

FAQ for American Hartford Gold IRA Fees

FAQ for American Hartford Gold IRA Fees

American Hartford Gold IRA yearly fees of $180 are high because these are external charges that the company cannot control. The annual fees cover depository services and insurance costs, which are services provided by external parties. These costs are what the third-party depository and insurance company charge, with no added costs of American Hartford Gold.

How do I avoid annual gold IRA fees?

To avoid annual IRA fees at American Hartford Gold, you can meet their minimum investment requirements to qualify for up to three years of free annual fees.

New investors can enjoy zero setup fees for new gold IRAs, free shipping, and waived yearly fees on the first year of holding a gold IRA with them. Even with selling your gold later on, investors save on add-on fees if they let American Hartford Gold sell their precious metals because the company charges nothing for that.

You can also check some gold IRA companies to see if they have waived or lower fees than American Hartford Gold offers. Augusta Precious Metals charges only $100 for their annual fee but for a minimum investment level. Here are a few other precious metal IRA companies with good customer ratings worth checking:

Birch Gold Group

Noble Gold Investments

Patriot Gold

Advantage Gold

If you want to skip the tedious research for each precious metals IRA company, you can just read our American Hartford Gold Review and see the comparative analysis we did on gold IRA fees of each company mentioned above.

Is buying gold tax-free?

No, buying gold or any other precious metals through American Hartford Gold or any gold IRA company is not tax-free, whether it is purchased as part of a gold IRA or as physical gold. Gold, silver, and other precious metals are considered investment assets and are thus taxed once sold. The profit you gain from the sale is called capital gains, which is taxable. There are ways, though, to minimize the taxes you need to pay for buying gold, whether it is as gold coins or gold bars:

  • Hold on to your gold coin or bar purchases for at least one year - Selling a gold investment before it reaches 12 months will classify it as a short-term financial gain. It will be taxed with ordinary income. Your investment will not be qualified for lower tax brackets on capital gains.
  • Avoid owning physical gold - The IRS classifies physical gold as a “collectible” taxed at 28%, the highest capital gains tax bracket. To avoid this, you can opt for investing in mutual funds or ETFs, which are ordinary capital gains and are charged 20% tax. To get a clearer picture on ETFs, you can read our article on Gold IRA vs. Gold ETF
  • Opt for a 1031 exchange - A 1031 exchange is also known as a rollover, wherein you take funds from an investment and use it to make another investment. In a rollover, there won’t be any penalties on taxes for early withdrawals. American Hartford Gold can help you process rollovers from your 401k or other IRAs to fund your gold IRA.

Will my American Harford Gold IRA provide me with the same tax advantages as a standard IRA?

Yes, your American Hartford Gold IRA’s tax advantages are like that of a traditional individual retirement account. Interest on the retirement account will accumulate tax-free until the owner withdraws the investment (partial or otherwise) at 72. Earlier withdrawals before the age of 59 ½ will incur tax penalties.

Are platinum and palladium IRAs risky?

Yes, both platinum and palladium as individual retirement account investments can prove risky when compared to gold or silver because both precious metals are more scarce than gold. Platinum is sourced from South Africa and Russia only, making its price volatile. Should any political or economic turmoil arise in both countries, it will surely affect the price of platinum.

American Hartford Gold is one of the few precious metals companies that offers platinum and palladium IRAs. Their financial advisors can help you monitor the performance of these types of IRAs and can provide expert financial advice on how to best move forward with your investment.

What are the prospects for gold this 2023?

American Hartford Gold predicts Gold and silver investments will perform better this 2023. Forbes supports this theory, reasoning that gold is anticipated to rise just as the dollar is weakening.

In 2022, Gold gained only by 1.3% because of decreased demand in China, and rate hikes on the federal reserve. Experts believe it will be a more optimistic outlook for gold in 2023, because the federal reserve has slowed its pace in raising hikes and the US dollar value is gradually softening.

What are the Gold IRA Tax rules for 2023?

Tax rules have stayed the same for 2023 except for the maximum contribution limit per year. For investors of gold individual retirement accounts aged below 59, the maximum annual contribution was raised from $6,000 to $6,500.


After reviewing the different fees that are entailed in setting up a gold IRA account and how American Hartford Gold set up its fees, it is safe to conclude that the company offers a highly competitive, if not the best fee package in the precious metals industry. The company makes opening a gold IRA account with them highly enticing because new investors do not need to pay any fees at all.

If you want a more comprehensive take on Gold IRA Fees, read on about them and get an in-depth take on what expenses to prepare for, including possible expenses for which you may not have allocated a budget.

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